Do you want to speak Z-english?

Посещение вебинара преподавателя Кембриджского университета

Опубликовано Июль 26, 2015 в Новости


Вебинар преподавателя Кембриджского университета по развитию навыков аудирования на занятии в процессе живого общения.

The internet has brought us a wealth of freely available resources to develop the listening skills of our learners. But are we moving towards a time when this kind of listening can be done outside of class, freeing the class up for more interactive formats? Live listening enables us to create listening lessons which are motivating, learner-centred and learning-rich, using little more than the voices of the people in the room.

Nick Bilbrough is a teacher, teacher trainer and author — with two books in the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers series. He is a regular speaker at conferences worldwide and is particularly interested in the teaching of English in challenging circumstances.